13 July, 2014


Trying to learn to draw proportional faces

So I used this drawing as a reference. And I must admit, that although I tried with the lines and all, I did not follow the line system in detail. So, perhaps that is the reason for my in-proportional faces. I really tried though, especially with the last one. However, my imagination is too strong. 

I need to learn to draw from reality. Desperately. 

Still doesn't look like a real human face...

Because baking is artsy and fun.

Sadly I focused on the appearance of my cinnamon buns, rather than their taste. Well, at least they were asthetically tasty.

29 June, 2014

Graffiti in Athens

Last week I visited Greece for the first time and I found plenty of artworks on the streets of Athens. 

Now I don't support the concept of graffiti since I believe one can express one's creativity and thoughts through other (legal) ways. 

Nevertheless, the beauty of street art still captures me and does so effectively.

The process of inspiration

Gustav Klimt's art manages to influence me in an unconscious way.  I drew two drawings of two floating heads weeks ago. Today, while looking at pictures taken months ago of several artworks in the Albertina museum in Vienna, this painting stood out. 

Here's "Water Nymphs (Silverfish)" (1899) 
and I. This is also the first Gustav Klimt artwork I've seen. 

And here's the sketches I made some weeks ago. Although they look like imitations that don't to Klimt's work justice, they are not (or at least I didn't intend to imitate Klimt).
The process of inspiration is highly intriguing. It seems to be a cumulative one, combined of big and small, clear and opaque components. An artist's work includes conscious and unconscious influences. I find this extremely (extremely) interesting. 

Inspiration seems to be a very intricate matter as it can be experienced and expressed in very different ways. So as Gustav Klimt's creativity could dig into my mind and show up in simple sketches, I will try to surround myself (even more) with lots (and lots) of artworks. And not only those of Klimt, but of other artists and art-genres. 

17 June, 2014

Ultraviolence came out yesterday - so I have some drawings to show

But the other woman will always cry herself to sleep
The other woman will never have his love to keep
And as the years go by the other woman
Will spend her life alone

 Lana Del Rey - The Other Woman  

"You have no room for light,
Love is lost on you.I keep my lips red,they seem like cherries in the spring."

And this girl I just drew today. I wasn't particularly listening to one LDR-song on replay, so I guess it was sort of inspired by the whole album? Maybe.

16 June, 2014

festival vibes

I'll be going to a festival this summer. Wehe. In the festival-spririt, as my sister my best friend and I (both are going to the festival) were listening to the bands playing at the festival, I drew this hippie-girl. She sort of looks like Vanessa Hudgens, who also seems to rock this style. 

14 June, 2014

girls just wanna have fun. and learn how to use water colours.

I'm still in my experimental water-colour-phase. I don't think I'm quite there yet. Therefore I've borrowed some books from the library to improve my water colour skills.

Introducing my friend, a philosopher and an artist

This multi-talented individual is named Nadja. She's one of my dearest friends and I highly recommend you to check out her blog: http://nadjaskoglund.wordpress.com/ .
There she writes about her explorations and very interesting insights.

This picture is taken some hours before we saw one of our favourite artist (if not the favourite artist) Lana del Rey. We decided to have super-long fake eyelashes to look look extra glamorous.

Here's some pictures of her art:

This last drawing is hanged in my room and it's a portrait of me and Lana del Rey. I truly love it and I see it everyday. 

Illustration for Uttryck magazine

My illustrations have been featured in the magazine for foreign affairs UF, once again.

Their magazine, Uttryck, includes articles and illustration produced by (mostly) students. Students explore subject within foreign affairs, and each issue there's a main theme that the articles connect to. 

This edition of Uttryck deals with the subject of rights.

You can read more about this society on their web page: http://www.ufuppsala.se/en/ 
And if you live near Uppsala - I highly recommend getting involved! I've been a member in UF for soon two years and I truly appreciate their talks, magazine and now the opportunity to be a part of their magazine. So, do check out their web page! 

The layout for this issue is made by Julia Zabielski and the article to which these illustrations belong to is written by Elin Henriksson. A huge thanks to you both! 

Here's a high resolution scan of the illustrations:

11 June, 2014

Reading is travelling

This summer I've planned to travel. I planned  to explore many worlds during my leisure time. Be it through the journeys in Marilyn's thoughts in "Fragments", experiences of Nigerian young adults in Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's fiction in "Americanah", in the world of pre-raphaelite paintings by Dante Gabriel Rossetti or in Anna Karenina's life in Leo Tolstoy's famous novel.  

Besides those universes, I mean to finish the amazing author Khaled Hosseini's novel "And the Mountain Echoed". This book is a birthday gift given to me by a very dear friend (Gabi, if you're reading this: thanks again!) She's the friend that introduced me to Hosseini in the first place. This might be one of the reasons she's very dear to me. 

What I'm most excited to (re-)read, being extremely fascinated with Marlyn's insights, is "Fragments". 

This summer I'm bringing these books with me to the nearest beach. There I intend to sit all day, listening to the sound of the waves hit the sands, while I read each book. Maybe alternatively. Maybe separately.  

This summer I will learn from the wisdom of authors. This summer I intend to (re-)read.