01 April, 2014

my illustration published in the magazine Uttryck

I got my illustration published in the foreign affairs society's magazine today.   I illustrated for an articles on China's development and the lack of it in agriculture . 

"Food is power"
Excuse my post-workout-face, hair, and silly smile. 

08 December, 2013

infinity, cycle, love

Forms found in pregnant women's bodies - infinity sign, a circle (of life) and a heart (love). Perhaps it symbolises the eternal love mothers give to the cycle of nature. I don't know, but I sketched the idea late night yesterday. 

Mukhtar Mai

Text borrowed form Woman's Rights facebook page.

Admirable woman. This is the defintion of being strong.

As I wrote on the drawing, in the picture of her that I found she does not look angry as I have presented her in my drawing. The fact that she looks filled with contempt is because of what I felt thinking of all the crimes against women happening around the world. Her face showed something else. It showed the face of a powerful and just woman. A face of a woman who had the strength to take the crime against her to court. A woman who got compensated with money she invested in a school, a woman's shelter and an organisation. I, despite my attempts, couldn't capture the face she had in the image so I had to accept the result. The closest to the truth I could get was completely biased by my anger towards patriarchy.

reality bores me, that's why I don't succeed with portraits

I really have a problem with drawing portraits of people. I get way too inspired by what I think a face should look like. That in turn results in my portrait not being alike the muse. This portrait is a perfect example of my problem. I start out well though. I look at the picture of, in this case Emma Watson, and follow what I see. However, after a while I get bored with what reality offers me and I wander into my world- my reality which doesn't correspond with the real one. I get distracted and suddenly I'm done with the drawing and it looks nothing like the person in question.

I guess the fact that my drawings don't always mirror reality could be a personal detail that I should appreciate. I mean, this touch could never be achieved by a printer. There's something boring with identical portraits, they lack the paintbrushes and lines of the artist's soul. So, maybe I shouldn't hate my human factor - the fact that I can't always draw what I see, but to embrace it.

27 August, 2013

steps to my "rebel guuuurl"

Step 1 - get inspired. Personally I get really inspired by pre-raphaelite art, and particularly works by Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

Step 2- imitate by sketching and starting the shadowing with pencils. 
Step 3 - Start choosing colours. Apply the base colours. 
Step 4 - hairrrrr
Step 5 -  Add make up along with other details  

just some pencil-drawings

Never finished this guy. I started with no real purpose besides just to practice drawing with pencils. Then I called him "blonde, native american, and corporate"