06 September, 2014

Sister, don't you know how much I've missed ya 
- Sister, Kate Nash

All of this happened while watching episodes of the Work of Art show. I can't say I love the show, but it does spark my creativity - obviously. 

30 August, 2014

Anne Gus - a girl who has completely misunderstood feminism

I made this illustration not because I support the mocking of feminism, but because I support free speech. John Stuart Mill taught me I should defend free speech, and I (believe I) am doing so by illustrating for satirical blog about a girl who has completely misunderstood feminism.

Just thought I should clarify this in the unlikely event that someone notices this illustration on: http://annegus95.wix.com/annegusakaannieg#!blank/c1jyv .

Meep meep. I think the person behind Anne Gus liked it.

19 August, 2014

So I went to Paris

And I drew some things I saw. Maybe not the eternal sadness girl, but other things.